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  • 5/19/2021

    California Colorado Texas

    Level Funding: A Viable Solution for Small Business

    Webinar Duration: 00:55:46

    What is level funding? If you haven’t heard of it, check out our webinar. You’ll understand the basics of level funding to more effectively educate your clients and identify when level funding is the viable solution.

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  • 4/1/2021

    California Colorado Texas

    American Rescue Plan Act

    Webinar Duration: 00:58:26

    How does the recently passed COVID relief package affect our industry? Find out from our guest, compliance attorney Marilyn Monahan. She discusses the American Rescue Plan Act and what it means for brokers, plans and employers. We cover several topics, including new enrollment opportunities; COBRA subsidies and new notice requirements.

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  • 3/24/2021


    Medicare Insights 2021

    Webinar Duration: 00:49:20

    What Medicare opportunities should you be aware of right now? Find out in webinar. We cover enrollment periods, the Birthday Rule, California Assembly Bill 1400 and more.

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  • 3/18/2021


    Health Net Updates

    Webinar Duration: 00:31:50

    Learn about Health Net’s latest updates for the L.A. area. Get the latest on top-selling plans and network strategy; ancillary bundling discounts; and more.

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  • 3/16/2021


    24-Hour Coverage

    Webinar Duration: 02:30:26

    Learn about a workers' compensation product that provides 24/7 employee protection, whether on or off the job.

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  • 3/15/2021


    Meet Nippon Life Benefits

    Webinar Duration: 00:46:35

    Nippon Life Benefits is a recently new carrier partner with Warner Pacific. Find out how our partnership can provide you with additional options for your large group medical clients.

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  • 3/11/2021


    Humana 2021 Updates

    Webinar Duration: 00:56:08

    Find out what Humana is doing in 2021. They cover medical, the Go365 workplace wellness program, dental and vision, and more.

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  • 3/10/2021


    Cigna + Oscar Updates

    Webinar Duration: 00:57:35

    Cigna + Oscar has expanded into new territories for small groups. Learn about this and more.

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  • 3/2/2021


    Tuesdays at Two With Texas

    Webinar Duration: 00:26:58

    Need updates for the Texas healthcare market? Watch this to hear the latest news for small group, individual, Medicare, level funded, ancillary and more.

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  • 2/24/2021

    California Colorado Texas

    New P&C Carrier - Welcome Chubb!

    Webinar Duration: 00:33:39

    Meet Chubb, one of our newest carrier partners. Find out about their work comp and other P&C offerings. You’ll hear straight from Chubb Sales Leader, Eric Kingsbury.

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